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These will never be open because you don't get anything back, which is pretty much unfair. However, my close friends can, whenever they wish, ask me for a request and I might do them.

:bulletred:Point Commissions

Send a clear reference of your character, clarify what you would like in my commission list and send the points/cash whenever I announce you this. Whenever I receive the points/cash, I shall start your commission. And if I haven't finished the picture for a long period, do not nag with comments asking when I'm done with it. I could catch art blocks whenever, and I also get lazy quickly and pretty often with drawing. I would appreciate it if you don't send a comment reminding me, because I have a ''To-Do List'' so that I won't forget.

:bulletgreen:Art Trades

These are not open very often. I am also very selective, I wish to do one with someone with similar skill level and almost the same skill. I make exceptions for friends, though.


I am very selective. I am mostly comfortable doing these with friends.


I do these now and then, especially for friends I like.

Please, do me a favor and check out my Art Status on my profile before you ask me anything of these.
- Thank you.

Link to my commission list:…


The Best People of DA
:bulletblue:May ask for requests

:star:RikuSonicShadow :heart:
:star:SavvSkyler :heart:
:star:Fleetwaysonic64 :heart:

Those with the :star: before their names, are one of my best friends on the internet. I have a close relationship with them, and I roleplay a lot with them. They'll never leave my heart. <3

Those with the :heart: after their names, are people I could do anything for. Period. <3


:bulletblue:Which paint program do you use?
- For sketching, lineworks, coloring/shading, I use Paint Tool SAI. For further effects, like transparent background or texture, I use Photoshop.

:bulletblue:Can you make me a picture?
- No, you're asking for a request and they'll never be open. I only make gifts for friends. Although, I could post a poll where I open one available slot for a request. Mostly because I'm out of inspiration or that I want to draw someone else's character.

:bulletblue:Can we do an Art Trade?
- I am very selective with these; I'd like you to be in almost the same skill level as I am. I prefer friends here, though.

:bulletblue:Can I make you a gift?
- You don't have to ask to make me a gift, a gift is something you give randomly. However, I'd be more than happy to receive a gift. I appreciate every single one!

:bulletblue:Would you like to do a collab?
- I am very selective with these as well; I'd like you to be in almost the same skill level as I am. I prefer friends here as well.

:bulletblue:Do you roleplay?
- I do. However, I only roleplay with friends that do paragraph roleplays. I am also very picky with how you roleplay as well.

:bulletblue:Can we be friends?
- Sure, with a bit of effort and patience, I am sure we'll become friends. Friendship is earned, not given.


Marcira Fan Stamp by RikuSonicShadowMarcira Fan Stamp by RikuSonicShadowMarcira Fan Stamp by RikuSonicShadow
My Bubblegirl by Snowblind-MonuboneMarcira by Snowblind-Monubone.:Marcus x Saphira:. by RikuSonicShadowShe's MINE by Snowblind-MonuboneSaphira and Marcus by Snowblind-MonuboneThe Dragons by RikuSonicShadow.:Always Here:. by RikuSonicShadowMarcus x Saphira by Eva-1999::+Coffee Party+:: by Snowblind-MonuboneAll Good Things by Snowblind-Monubone
Marcira Fan Stamp by RikuSonicShadowMarcira Fan Stamp by RikuSonicShadowMarcira Fan Stamp by RikuSonicShadow


Blutengel 2 by skinnyveestampAvril -Riku- Fan Stamp by RikuSonicShadowDaryl Fan Stamp by RikuSonicShadowMarcus Fan Stamp by RikuSonicShadowMarcira Fan Stamp by RikuSonicShadowCOM: Amarau [Type3] by Peppermint-KittenCOM: Drayke [Type3] by Peppermint-KittenCOM: Mica [Type3] by Peppermint-KittenCOM: Nexus [Type3] by Peppermint-KittenDisney Shan Yu Stamp by TwilightProwlerI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateCat Lover Stamps - Sparkyard by stamps-clubPaint Tool SAI Stamp by EnergyzedForgetful by prosaixLove Knows No Gender by CK-NoNameOutch Stamp by irreplaceablemartinaWhoops... Stamp by SpikytasticNo Fancharacter Interaction by Blood-Of-SeverityHollow Ichigo stamp by uchiha-itachi111Ulquiorra Stamp VI by DarknessMyrkurDreamworks Miguel Smirk Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Tarzan + No Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Flynn + The Smoulder Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Grumpy Beast Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Tarzan Stamp by TwilightProwlerFriends by skinnyveestampDisney Yzma + Headache Stamp by TwilightProwlerBases by SA948-StampsNo One Likes Copycats by Cynpai


Full Name: Tina Monubone
Also Known As: Kitty, Blue
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Dating
Mate: SkateJerk
Alignment: Neutral
Morals: Chaotic good
Threat Level: Minor
Team Formation: Speed
Date of Birth: September 6th
Zodiac: Virgio
Personal Quote: ''Go find yourself a possum titty.''
Theme Song: BlutEngel - I Am

Species: Brittish Shorthair
Nationality: Swede
Height: 5'1
Bodily Build: Average with wide hips and normal sized breasts.


Art Status



Chibi Ty and Nat by Snowblind-MonuboneGlomp by Snowblind-MonuboneFollow me by Snowblind-MonuboneBeauty and Delight by Snowblind-MonuboneHis pet and her master by Snowblind-MonuboneStay by Snowblind-MonuboneI'm the water on your skin by Snowblind-MonuboneA Shared Kiss by Snowblind-Monubone''Take them out.'' by Snowblind-Monubone


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